We’re told from a young age to “wait for love to find you.” But what happens if it doesn’t? We believe in taking action and have developed the 7 Little Love Steps™ to help you attract the relationship you desire.

#1: Build your sexy confidence

In this first step, your goal is to tap into your feminine energy and recognize your value. The most attractive quality in a woman is when she deeply loves herself and knows how to position herself as a high-value woman.

#2: Create your love vision

Next, it’s time to deeply reflect on the man and the relationship that’s compatible with your future. You’ll discover how to choose the right men and how to avoid the wrong relationship.

#3: Start meeting quality men

You’re now ready to get out the door! Become more deliberate about where you’re going to meet men, and how you’re meeting them. Use your newly-learned flirtation skills to attract the high-quality man you defined in your love vision.

#4: Qualify your dating options

It’s time to start accepting dates and exploring new connections. Don’t forget, you are in the power seat qualifying the man to see if he meets your love vision. Never chase. Remember, you are the prize he’s trying to win over. These men will begin to pursue you for a relationship.

#5: Pace the progression of your connections

By this step, you’re talking to multiple men and exploring your options. This is when you slow things down even further, which naturally makes men pursue you harder. You don’t “play hard to get”, you are actually hard to get because you now have options. This step gives you the time to decide which man is worth exclusivity.

#6: Set boundaries for a committed relationship

Now, you’re ready for an exclusive relationship with a man who meets your love vision. The very first boundary in any relationship is commitment. Learn how to have “the talk” and set the foundation of your new relationship. Without setting clear, healthy boundaries, the relationship is destined to fail.

#7: Align the relationship with a shared life vision

You’re now in a committed relationship and are deeply in love with this man. Now it’s time to start building a shared life vision with your partner. We call this relationship alignment, and it requires ongoing communication skills to make the relationship last.

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